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XtraTabbedMdiManager Events

The component that displays MDI child forms as tabs and provides basic form management features. To create an advanced tabbed UI, use the DocumentManager component instead.
Name Description
BeginDocking Allows you to cancel docking a floating page onto the XtraTabbedMdiManager.
BeginFloating Allows you to prevent a page from becoming floating.
CustomDocumentSelectorItem Allows you to customize display settings of the Document Selector’s items.
CustomDocumentSelectorSettings Allows you to customize the Document Selector’s settings, before it’s displayed on-screen.
Disposed Occurs when the component is disposed by a call to the Dispose() method. Inherited from Component.
EndDocking Fires after a floating page has been docked to the XtraTabbedMdiManager.
EndFloating Fires when dropping a page that is becoming floating.
Floating Fires when a docked page becomes floating.
FloatMDIChildActivated Fires when a floating page is activated.
FloatMDIChildDeactivated Fires when a floating page is deactivated.
FloatMDIChildDragging Fires when dragging a floating page. Allows you to implement the drag-and-drop of child floating pages to another XtraTabbedMdiManager.
MouseDown Occurs when the mouse pointer is over a tabbed MDI and a mouse button is pressed.
MouseEnter Occurs when the mouse pointer enters the tabbed MDI.
MouseLeave Occurs when the mouse pointer leaves the tabbed MDI.
MouseMove Occurs when the mouse pointer moves over a tabbed MDI.
MouseUp Occurs when the mouse button is released if it was pressed within a tabbed MDI.
PageAdded Fires after a new page has been added to the XtraTabbedMdiManager.Pages collection.
PageRemoved Fires after a page has been removed from the XtraTabbedMdiManager.Pages collection.
SelectedPageChanged Fires after the selected page has been changed.
SetNextMdiChild Provides the ability to cycle through the pages using custom rules.
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