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SplashScreenManager(UserControl, Type, Boolean, Boolean, Type) Constructor

Initializes a new instance of the SplashScreenManager class with the specified settings.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraSplashScreen

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraEditors.v19.2.dll


public SplashScreenManager(
    UserControl parentControl,
    Type splashFormType,
    bool useFadeIn,
    bool useFadeOut,
    Type type
Public Sub New(
    parentControl As UserControl,
    splashFormType As Type,
    useFadeIn As Boolean,
    useFadeOut As Boolean,
    type As Type


Name Type Description
parentControl UserControl

A UserControl contained on the Form, against which the splash form is centered.

splashFormType Type

The type of splash form to be displayed.

useFadeIn Boolean

true, to use the fade-in effect when opening the form; otherwise, false.

useFadeOut Boolean

true, to use the fade-out effect when closing the form; otherwise, false.

type Type

The Type of the parent object. The parent should be either a Form or a UserControl. Otherwise, ArgumentException is thrown.

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