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SchedulerControl.ActiveViewType Property

Gets or sets the type of the View which is currently used by the Scheduler to show its data.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraScheduler

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraScheduler.v18.2.dll


public SchedulerViewType ActiveViewType { get; set; }
Public Property ActiveViewType As SchedulerViewType

Property Value

Type Default Description


A SchedulerViewType enumeration value specifying the active View type.


To access the current View of the scheduler use the SchedulerControl.ActiveView property.


This example demonstrates how to programmatically change the Scheduler's view. To do this you should change the value of the SchedulerControl.ActiveViewType property. For instance, changing this property's value to SchedulerViewType.Week will force the scheduler to use its SchedulerControl.WeekView options.

using DevExpress.XtraScheduler;
// ...

// Switch the Scheduler to the Day View mode.
schedulerControl1.ActiveViewType = SchedulerViewType.Day;

// Switch the Scheduler to the Work Week View mode.
schedulerControl1.ActiveViewType = SchedulerViewType.WorkWeek;

// Switch the Scheduler to the Week View mode.
schedulerControl1.ActiveViewType = SchedulerViewType.Week;

// Switch the Scheduler to the Month View mode.
schedulerControl1.ActiveViewType = SchedulerViewType.Month;
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