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SchedulerPrintStyle Properties

A print style used to print the Scheduler’s data.
Name Description
AppointmentFont Gets or sets the font used to print appointments.
AutoScaleHeadingsFont Gets or sets whether auto-adjustment of the print heading font size can be performed.
BaseStyle Gets a value indicating if this print style is one of the base styles.
ColorConverter Gets or sets a color converter used by this print style when converting colors.
DisplayName Gets or sets the text which identifies an element. Inherited from UserInterfaceObject.
HeadingsFont Gets or sets the font used to print headings.
Id Gets the unique identifier of the user interface object instance. Inherited from UserInterfaceObject.
IsDisposed Gets whether the current object has been disposed of.
Kind Gets the kind of a print style.
MenuCaption Gets or sets the element’s menu caption. Inherited from UserInterfaceObject.
PageSettings Gets or sets the page settings for this print style.
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