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ISchedulerInplaceEditor Members

Provides methods to customize properties of an in-place editor.


Name Description
BackColor Gets or sets the background color of the control.
Bounds Gets or sets the size and location of the control.
Font Gets or sets the font of the text displayed by the control.
ForeColor Gets or sets the foreground color of the control.
Parent Gets or sets the parent container of the control.
Text Gets or sets the current text in the control.
Visible Gets or sets a value indicating whether the control is displayed.


Name Description
Dispose() Performs application-defined tasks associated with freeing, releasing, or resetting unmanaged resources. Inherited from IDisposable.
Focus() Sets input focus to the control.
SelectAll() Selects all text in the control.
SetPositionToTheEndOfText() Sets the selection start to the end of text.


Name Description
CommitChanges Occurs before a modified value is saved to the underlying data source.
LostFocus Occurs when the control loses focus.
RollbackChanges Occurs before changes are cancelled and the modified value is replaced with the former value (a value before modification).
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