PdfViewer.NavigationPaneSelectedPage Property

Gets or sets a value that is used to select a current page (thumbnails, bookmarks or attachments) programmatically on the navigation pane. You can also obtain the currently selected page that is opened on the navigation pane.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraPdfViewer

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraPdfViewer.v20.1.dll


public PdfNavigationPanePage NavigationPaneSelectedPage { get; set; }
Public Property NavigationPaneSelectedPage As PdfNavigationPanePage

Property Value

Type Description

A PdfNavigationPanePage enumeration value that represents a selected page on the navigation pane.


The NavigationPaneSelectedPage property returns one of the PdfNavigationPanePage enumeration values, except for Default.

The NavigationPaneSelectedPage property does not select a specified page on the navigation page in the following cases:

When the NavigationPaneSelectedPage property is set to PdfNavigationPanePage.Default, the Bookmarks page is opened if a document contains bookmarks. Otherwise, the Thumbnails page is shown on the navigation pane.

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