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WinExplorerView.MoveBy(Int32) Method

Selects an item within this WinExplorerView that is placed delta places from than the currently selected item.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraGrid.Views.WinExplorer

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraGrid.v23.1.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Win.Grid


public override void MoveBy(
    int delta


Name Type Description
delta Int32

An Int32 value that specifies the newly selected item position, starting from the currently selected item.


The MoveBy method moves the selection delta items forward (if the delta parameter’s value is positive) or backwards (if the delta parameter’s value is negative) from the currently selected item. A Group header (see the WinExplorerViewColumns.GroupColumn property) can also be selected via the MoveBy method. In this case, all items within this Group are automatically selected. The animation below illustrates this.

WinExplorerView - MoveBy

If you set the delta parameter to 1 or -1, the MoveBy method will act identically to the WinExplorerView.MoveNext and WinExplorerView.MovePrev methods respectively.

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