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RepositoryItemLookUpEdit.PopupFilterMode Property

Gets or sets how data records in the popup window are filtered.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraEditors.Repository

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraEditors.v19.1.dll


[SmartTagProperty("Filter Mode", "", 2)]
public PopupFilterMode PopupFilterMode { get; set; }
<SmartTagProperty("Filter Mode", "", 2)>
Public Property PopupFilterMode As PopupFilterMode

Property Value

Type Default Description


A PopupFilterMode enumerator value that specifies how data records in the popup window are filtered.


The PopupFilterMode property sets the rule based on which data records in this LookUpEdit control's popup window are filtered as an end-user enters text to the editor.

  • StartWith and Default modes specify that the editor popup displays only those data records that start with the same character(s) that an end-user entered;


  • Contains mode specifies that the editor popup displays all data records that contain the character(s) an end-user entered.



You can choose between StartWith and Contains modes when the RepositoryItemLookUpEditBase.TextEditStyle does not equal TextEditStyles.Standard. Otherwise, the control is limited to the StartWith mode only. Note that this limitation applies only to those look-up editors whose RepositoryItemLookUpEdit.SearchMode property equals AutoComplete.

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