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DiagramOptionsView Properties

Contains the DiagramControl’s view settings.
Name Description
AllowShapeShadows Gets or sets whether to show shadows for diagram items.
BringIntoViewMargin Gets or sets the margin between diagram items and viewport bounds when calling the DiagramControl.BringItemsIntoView and DiagramControl.BringSelectionIntoView methods.
CanvasSizeMode Gets or sets whether the canvas size is automatically expanded/shrunk to fit the current shapes layout.
FitToDrawingMargin Gets or sets the margin between diagram contents and page bounds when calling the DiagramControl.FitToDrawing and DiagramControl.FitToItems methods.
GridSize Gets or sets the size of a grid’s cell.
Landscape Specifies whether to use the longer dimension of the page size as the page width.
MaxZoomFactor Specifies the maximum diagram zoom factor.
MeasureUnit Specifies the unit of measurement for the ruler displayed by the Canvas.
MinZoomFactor Specifies the minimum diagram zoom factor.
PageMargin Gets or sets the amount of space between the page’s borders and its contents.
PageSize Gets or sets the initial diagram canvas size. This property also specifies to what extent the canvas is expanded/shrunk in auto-size mode (see DiagramOptionsView.CanvasSizeMode).
PaperKind Allows you to use one of the standard paper sizes as the page size.
PropertiesPanelVisibility Gets or sets the Properties Panel display mode.
ScrollMargin Gets or sets the minimum diagram margin.
ShowGrid Gets or sets whether to draw the grid, which helps you position shapes on the diagram canvas.
ShowPageBreaks Gets or sets whether to display page breaks.
ShowPanAndZoomPanel Specifies whether to show the Pan and Zoom Panel.
ShowRulers Gets or sets whether the diagram rulers are visible.
Theme Specifies the current theme.
ToolboxVisibility Gets or sets the Shapes Panel display mode.
ZoomFactor Specifies the diagram zoom factor.
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