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WizardGroup.RegisterPage(Type, String, String, String, Image) Method

Registers a user control as a new page within the Wizard page collection.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraCharts.Wizard

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraCharts.v18.2.Wizard.dll


public WizardPage RegisterPage(
    Type pageType,
    string label,
    string header,
    string description,
    Image image
Public Function RegisterPage(
    pageType As Type,
    label As String,
    header As String,
    description As String,
    image As Image
) As WizardPage


Name Type Description
pageType Type

A Type class instance, specifying the user-defined type of a control, used as a page.

label String

A String, specifying the text of a page's label at the Wizard's sidebar.

header String

A String, specifying the text of a page's header.

description String

A String, specifying the text of a page's description, placed in the top section of a page.

image Image

A Image class object representing a picture displayed in the ChartWizard sidebar.


Type Description

A new WizardPage class instance, representing a user-defined page.


Use this method to register a user-defined page in the ChartWizard.


The following example demonstrates how to add a new group with a new page to the Chart Wizard at runtime.

First, create a control that becomes a page's content. Create a new control that inherits from the WizardControlBase and drop the ChartControl onto it. This follows because the page is intended to customize the chart. The page should contain a chart control to display the changes as the settings are modified.

Then, use the following code to create a group and a page. You can handle the WizardPage.InitializePage event to get access to the contained chart control.

using DevExpress.XtraCharts.Wizard;

private void ShowNewWizard() {
    // Create a Wizard instance.
    ChartWizard wiz = new ChartWizard(this.chartControl1);

    // Create a new group.
    WizardGroup MyWizardGroup = wiz.RegisterGroup("NewGroup");

    // Create a new page with a "MyPage" name, "MyHeader" as a caption, "MyDesription" 
    // as a description, without image. It contains the UserControl1.
    WizardPage MyWizardPage =  MyWizardGroup.RegisterPage(typeof(UserControl1), 
        "MyPage", "MyHeader", "MyDesription", null);

    // Subscribe to the InitializePage event.
    MyWizardPage.InitializePage += new InitializePageEventHandler (MyWizardPage_InitializePage);

    // Invoke the Wizard.

void MyWizardPage_InitializePage(object sender, InitializePageEventArgs e) {
    e.Chart = ((UserControl1)e.Control).chartControl1;
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