WizardGroup.RegisterPage(WizardPageType, String) Method

Registers the predefined Wizard's page if it has been unregistered before.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraCharts.Wizard

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraCharts.v20.1.Wizard.dll


public WizardPage RegisterPage(
    WizardPageType pageType,
    string label
Public Function RegisterPage(
    pageType As WizardPageType,
    label As String
) As WizardPage


Name Type Description
pageType WizardPageType

A WizardPageType enumeration member, characterizing the page to register.

label String

A String, representing a text to display in the Wizard's sidebar.


Type Description

A WizardPage class (or its descendant) instance, representing a newly registered page.


Use this method to restore the Wizard's page after it has been excluded from the Wizard via the ChartWizard.UnregisterGroup method.

An attempt to register a page of the type that has been already registered results in an exception


The following example demonstrates how to add a new group with a new page to the Chart Wizard at runtime.

First, create a control that becomes a page's content. Create a new control that inherits from the WizardControlBase and drop the ChartControl onto it. This follows because the page is intended to customize the chart. The page should contain a chart control to display the changes as the settings are modified.

Then, use the following code to create a group and a page. You can handle the WizardPage.InitializePage event to get access to the contained chart control.

using DevExpress.XtraCharts.Wizard;

private void ShowNewWizard() {
    // Create a Wizard instance.
    ChartWizard wiz = new ChartWizard(this.chartControl1);

    // Create a new group.
    WizardGroup MyWizardGroup = wiz.RegisterGroup("NewGroup");

    // Create a new page with a "MyPage" name, "MyHeader" as a caption, "MyDesription" 
    // as a description, without image. It contains the UserControl1.
    WizardPage MyWizardPage =  MyWizardGroup.RegisterPage(typeof(UserControl1), 
        "MyPage", "MyHeader", "MyDesription", null);

    // Subscribe to the InitializePage event.
    MyWizardPage.InitializePage += new InitializePageEventHandler (MyWizardPage_InitializePage);

    // Invoke the Wizard.

void MyWizardPage_InitializePage(object sender, InitializePageEventArgs e) {
    e.Chart = ((UserControl1)e.Control).chartControl1;
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