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ToolTipController.AddClientControl(Control) Method

Enables the display of tooltips for the specified control implementing the DevExpress.Utils.IToolTipControlClient interface.

Namespace: DevExpress.Utils

Assembly: DevExpress.Utils.v19.1.dll


public void AddClientControl(
    Control control
Public Sub AddClientControl(
    control As Control


Name Type Description
control Control

The control, implementing the DevExpress.Utils.IToolTipControlClient interface, for which tooltips should be enabled.


The method supports the internal infrastructure and usually you do not need to call it from your code.

AddClientControl subscribes to the current tooltip controller for mouse events of the specified control. The method is called automatically by controls implementing the DevExpress.Utils.IToolTipControlClient interface to enable the tooltip controller's functionality for these controls. See the ToolTipController topic for information on the DevExpress.Utils.IToolTipControlClient interface.

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