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SnapList Properties

Provides functionality to manipulate lists in Snap documents.
Name Description
Active Indicates whether or not the SnapEntity is locked. Inherited from SnapEntity.
BottomBorderVisibleWhenNested Specifies whether the bottom border for a SnapList table located inside a table cell should be visible.
DataMember Specifies the data member from the SnapList‘s connected data source.
DataSourceName Specifies the name of the SnapList data source.
Document Provides access to a SnapDocument, to which the SnapEntity belongs. Inherited from SnapEntity.
EditorRowLimit Specifies the maximum number of data rows to include in the document during the design session.
Field Provides access to a Field associated with the SnapEntity. Inherited from SnapEntity.
Filters Provides access to the SnapList filter settings.
Groups Provides access to the SnapList‘s groups
KeepLastSeparator Specifies whether or not to display the separator that goes after the last SnapList record.
ListFooter Provides access to the SnapList‘s footer.
ListHeader Provides access to the SnapList‘s header.
Name Specifies the SnapList name.
RowTemplate Provides access to the SnapList row template that determines the layout and appearance of each data record in a document.
Separator Provides access to the separator settings of a Snap list.
SkipEmptyListOnExport Gets or sets whether an empty list should appear in a printout or an export output.
Sorting Provides access to the sorting options of a SnapList.
SubDocument Provides access to an object implementing the basic document functionality that is common for the header, footer and the main document body. Inherited from SnapEntity.
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