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Binding to Data

The following topics describe how to supply the PivotGridControl with data.

  • Binding to Data Overview

    Describes the basic concepts of creating PivotGridControl data sources.

  • Data Source Configuration Wizard

    Walks you through the Data Source Configuration Wizard - a common way of connecting the PivotGridControl to various types of data sources.

  • OLAP Data Source

    Describes how to connect to a cube in a Microsoft Analysis Services server (OLAP server) and provides information on the PivotGridControl functionality limitations imposed when bound to an OLAP server.

  • Database Server Mode

    Describes how to connect a Pivot Grid to a database with a large number of records without performance loss.

  • Unbound Fields

    Describes the capability to create fields that are not bound to any data source fields, and populate them with data manually.

  • Local Data Stores

    Describes how to save Pivot Grid Control data to a file or stream in order to work with it when the original data source becomes unavailable.

  • Asynchronous Mode

    Describes the capability to perform data-aware operations (retrieving data from the server, sorting, grouping, filtering data and calculating summaries) in a background thread.