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Visual Elements

Each gauge is a set of elements rather than a monolith object. Elements can be either related to each other (e.g. a needle that relates to a scale) or completely independent. Some of them provide the gauge functionality, others specify its appearance. Each gauge type has its own set of available elements. Follow the links below to learn more.

The following table lists all existing gauge elements and tells you, gauges of which types can possibly use this or that specific element.

Element Type Gauge Element Circular Gauge Linear Gauge Digital Gauge State Indicator Gauge
Base Scale + +
Scale Elements Tickmarks + +
Range + +
Scale Labels + +
Value Indicators Needle +
Marker + +
Range Bar + +
Level Bar +
State Indicators State Indicator + + +
State Image Indicator + +
Custom Content Elements Label + + + +
Image + + + +
Ornamental Elements Spindle Cap +
Background Layer + + +
Effect Layer + + +
Digital Gauge Elements Segment +
Symbol Panel +
Matrix Dot +
Symbol +