How to: Display KPI Graphics in Cells

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The following example shows how to display KPI graphics in a PivotGridControl bound to a regular data source.

The Pivot Grid Control is bound to the “Sales Person” view in the Northwind database. To display KPI graphics, we create an unbound field whose values correspond to images contained within a KPI graphic set.

In this example, the unbound field values depend on the “Extended Price” field values: if the “Extended Price” field value is less than 100,000, the unbound field value is “-1”, if the “Extended Price” field value is less than 150,000, the unbound field value is “0”. In other cases, the unbound field value is “1”.

The PivotGridOptionsData.DataFieldUnboundExpressionMode property is set to DataFieldUnboundExpressionMode.UseSummaryValues to calculate unbound expressions for data fields against summary values. The PivotGridFieldBase.KPIGraphic property specifies a graphic set used to visualize unbound field values.

The following image shows the result of the KPI values visualization:


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using System;
using System.Windows.Forms;
using DevExpress.XtraPivotGrid;

namespace WindowsFormsApp_RegularDataSourceKPI
    public partial class Form1 : Form
        public Form1()

        private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            // Binds the pivot grid to data.

            // Specifies that unbound expressions for data fields are calculated against summary values.
            pivotGridControl1.OptionsData.DataFieldUnboundExpressionMode = 

            // Creates a new unbound "Status" field to show KPI values.
            PivotGridField unboundField = pivotGridControl1.Fields.Add("Status", PivotArea.DataArea);

            // Sets a column's unbound type and specifies an unbound expression.
            unboundField.UnboundType = DevExpress.Data.UnboundColumnType.Integer;
            unboundField.UnboundExpression = 

            // Sets the Data Header Area within which the "Status" Field can be positioned.
            unboundField.AllowedAreas = DevExpress.XtraPivotGrid.PivotGridAllowedAreas.DataArea;

            // Specifies a graphic set used to indicate KPI values.
            unboundField.KPIGraphic = PivotKPIGraphic.Faces;