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More Buttons

The “More” buttons are used to show more appointments for this day by switching to more detailed view or scrolling to the next appointment.




When appointments in the scheduler are grouped (the SchedulerControl.GroupType property is set to SchedulerGroupType.Resource or SchedulerGroupType.Date), the buttons can be shown within each column or only on the Time Ruler in the Day View. This behavior is determined by the DayView.ShowMoreButtonsOnEachColumn setting.

To hide these buttons, change the SchedulerViewBase.ShowMoreButtons property. When a button is clicked, the SchedulerControl.MoreButtonClicked event occurs.

Clicking “More” buttons in the Month, Timeline and Gantt Views switches the scheduler to the Day View even if Day View is explicitly disabled. To change this behavior, hide “More” buttons or handle the SchedulerControl.MoreButtonClicked event to perform custom actions.