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Print Preview

This document describes the Print Preview window, which displays published documents in a Snap application.

Print Preview Elements

A Print Preview displays a report document as it will appear on paper.


The user interface of a Print Preview consists of the following elements.

  • Toolbar - provides quick access to document management and navigation commands;


  • Status Bar - indicates the document generation state, displays the selected page number and enables document zooming.


Invoke a Print Preview

  • To assemble and preview a tabular report, click Print Preview in the General Tools: File toolbar.


  • Using the option above to preview a mail merge report will only display the document obtained from the first data source record.

    To assemble and preview a mail merge report, click Finish & Merge in the Data Tools: Mail Merge toolbar and select Print Preview in the invoked drop-down menu.


    In the invoked Export Range dialog, specify the required range of data records and click OK.