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Snap User Interface Overview

This document lists the essential elements of the Snap user interface, and provides links to specific topics that describe these elements in more detail.

The main elements of the Snap user interface are as follows.

  • Main Toolbar

    The Main Toolbar in a Snap application provides quick access to the available document editing tools. This toolbar can be of one of the following kinds.

    1. Ribbon

      Tools are organized in various sections, contained in different tabs.


    2. Bars

      Tools are organized in separate toolbars.


  • Design Surface

    The body of a report in the designer. In this region, you can design your report layout and immediately view the result.


  • Data Explorer

    Reflects the structure of available data, allowing you to manage a report’s data sources. You can add the data shown in this pane to your report via drag-and-drop.


  • Report Explorer

    Reflects the hierarchy of the elements of a Snap document.