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Filter Panel and Filter Editor

The filter panel is automatically displayed when a filter condition is applied to data and allows an end-user to manage the applied filter. It contains the following buttons:

  • Close Filter button - closes the filter panel and removes the filter;
  • Enable Filter button - temporarily enables and disables the current filter;
  • MRU Filter button - invokes the list of most recently used filters. This list can also be opened by clicking the filter text within the panel;
  • Edit Filter button - opens the filter editor allowing end-users to build complex filter criteria;




The table below lists the main properties that affect an element’s appearance.


The VGridAppearanceCollection.FilterPanel property.

Custom Draw Event

The VGridControl.CustomDrawFilterPanel event.


The VGridOptionsView.ShowFilterPanelMode option.


The VGridControl.CustomFilterDisplayText event.

MRU Filter List Contents

The VGridControl.MRUFilters collection.

Visibility of the MRU Filter button

The VGridOptionsFilter.AllowMRUFilterList option.

Visibility of the Edit Filter button

The VGridOptionsFilter.AllowFilterEditor option.

Invoking the Filter Editor

The VGridControl.ShowFilterEditor method.

Filter Editor Customization

The VGridControl.FilterEditorCreated event.

Filter Editor View

The VGridOptionsFilter.DefaultFilterEditorView option.