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Page Setup Dialog Window

The Page Setup dialog window provides access to the line jump options and allows end-users to change the page size, orientation and margins.

page-setup-1 page-setup-2

The dialog window contains two tabs.

Page Size

To hide the tab, set the DiagramOptionsProtection.AllowChangePageParameters property to false.

Option Corresponding Property
Pre-defined size/Custom size DiagramOptionsView.PageSize
Page orientation Public property is not available
Page margin DiagramOptionsView.PageMargin

Layout and Routing

To hide the tab, set the DiagramOptionsProtection.AllowChangeLineJumpSettings property to false.

Option Corresponding Property
Add line jumps to DiagramOptionsConnector.LineJumpPlacement
Line jump style DiagramOptionsConnector.LineJumpStyle
Line jump height/Line jump width DiagramOptionsConnector.LineJumpSize

In code, the dialog window can be invoked by executing the DiagramCommandsBase.SetPageParametersCommand. The command’s parameter specifies which tab is displayed by default.

End-users can invoke it by clicking a page_setup_button button at the bottom right corner of the Page Setup and Layout ribbon groups.

Diagram Page Setup buttons