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Snap for WinForms is currently in maintenance support mode. As such, no new features/capabilities will be incorporated into this product.

Snap is a WISYWIG report designer that allows users to create, modify and preview reports via familiar Microsoft Word - inspired interface. Snap supports a variety of document formats, including an original native document format that stores the layout without actual data.

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Graphical User Interface


Snap ships with the following User Interface elements:

Acquire Data


Snap supports a variety of data source types: from SQL to Excel files. Use the Data Source Wizard to add data to your report. Manage data tables, filter incoming data and specify a custom SQL string in the Query Builder. The Master-Detail Relation Editor allows you to set the required relationship and build the master-detail report.

Create calculated fields to evaluate custom expressions based on external data. Create and use report parameters as filter criteria or as additional data in the report.

The mail merge feature allows you to generate a letter or personalize your report. It allows you to insert dynamic data (text, dates, images, etc.) into a static document template.

Shape Data


You can shape data inserted in the Snap document according to your requirements:

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