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Tile Control

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TileControl is the navigation control, inspired by the Windows Modern UI. The Tile Control's primary building blocks are tiles - informative boxes that due to their size and geometry are capable of presenting much more information than simple buttons and more suitable to be used with touch-enabled devices. Not only can tiles be static elements, they can also be turned into live tiles. Live tiles change their content in an infinite loop with an optional animation effect that follows a content change. The following animation illustrates a customized Tile Control.

To learn more about this component refer to the links below.



The following links provide information about cornerstone Tile Control concepts and features.

  • Tile Groups and Items

    This topic explains tiles items and tile groups, what types of tile items are supported, how to customize tile groups and how the Tile Control's orientation affects tile positioning within their parent tile groups.

  • Adaptive Layout Mode

    In this layout mode tiles have no fixed sizes. Instead, all tiles dynamically adapt to resizing the parent container at runtime.

  • Tile Item Structure

    Learn how to build the content of your tiles. You will learn about tile control elements, how to arrange elements across the parent tile, anchor them to each other and apply built-in tile templates.

  • Tile Animation

    This article is dedicated to Tile Frame Animation feature and demonstrates how to create live tiles, shape your animation by customizing its speed and visual effects, mix animated tile content with static tile elements and manage tile animation in code.

  • Design-Time Customization

    Learn about rich design-time capabilities and on-form access that allows you to add, modify and remove tile groups, tiles, elements and frames.