DevExpress.WinUI.Ribbon Namespace

Contains classes that allow you to build the Ribbon UI.

Assembly: DevExpress.WinUI.Ribbon.v21.1.dll


Name Description
ContextToolbarButton A ContextToolbarControl‘s regular button.
ContextToolbarComboBox A ContextToolbarControl‘s combobox.
ContextToolbarControl A RibbonToolbarControl context panel.
ContextToolbarGroup A ContextToolbarControl‘s group for toolbar items.
ContextToolbarMenuButton A ContextToolbarControl menu button.
ContextToolbarOpeningEventArgs Provides data for the Opening event.
ContextToolbarRadioButton A ContextToolbarControl‘s radio button.
ContextToolbarSplitButton A ContextToolbarControl‘s split button.
ContextToolbarToggleButton A ContextToolbarControl‘s toggle button.
RibbonControlBase Serves as the base class for the RibbonToolbarControl.
RibbonRadioButtonBase Serves as the base class for RibbonRadioButtonBase.
RibbonSpinEditBase Serves as the base class for RibbonToolbarSpinEdit.
RibbonSplitButtonBase Serves as the base class for RibbonSplitButtonBase.
RibbonSplitItemBase Serves as the base class for RibbonSplitItemBase.
RibbonTabBase Serves as the base for classes that represent ribbon tabs.
RibbonTextBoxBase Serves as the base class for RibbonTextBoxBase.
RibbonToolbarButton A RibbonToolbarControl button.
RibbonToolbarCheckBox A RibbonToolbarControl checkbox.
RibbonToolbarComboBox A RibbonToolbarControl combobox.
RibbonToolbarControl The Ribbon Toolbar control.
RibbonToolbarGroup A group of ribbon toolbar items in a RibbonToolbarTab.
RibbonToolbarHelpPane A RibbonToolbarControl’s Help Pane.
RibbonToolbarHelpPaneButton A RibbonToolbarControl HelpPane‘s regular button.
RibbonToolbarHelpPaneRadioButton A RibbonToolbarControl HelpPane‘s radio button.
RibbonToolbarHelpPaneToggleButton A RibbonToolbarControl HelpPane’s toggle button.
RibbonToolbarMenuButton A RibbonToolbarControl menu button.
RibbonToolbarRadioButton A RibbonToolbarControl radio button.
RibbonToolbarSpinEdit A RibbonToolbarControl spin edit.
RibbonToolbarSplitButton A RibbonToolbarControl split button.
RibbonToolbarTab A RibbonToolbarControl tab item.
RibbonToolbarTextBox A RibbonToolbarControl text box.
RibbonToolbarToggleButton A RibbonToolbarControl toggle button.


Name Description
RibbonState Lists values that specify the current ribbon state.
RibbonViewMode Lists values that specify the Ribbon Control’s view mode.