DevExpress.WinUI.Mvvm.UI Namespace

Contains controls for building a UI using the MVVM design pattern.

Assemblies: DevExpress.WinUI.Controls.Core.v21.1.dll, DevExpress.WinUI.Core.v21.1.dll


Name Description
DependencyPropertyBehavior Allows you to bind non-dependency properties in XAML.
DialogService Allows you to show a dialog window and get its result.
DispatcherService Allows you to perform actions in a ViewModel using the Dispatcher.
EventToCommand A trigger that invokes a command when a specific event is fired.
EventToCommandBase A base class for the EventToCommand behavior.
FocusBehavior Allows you to set the focus to a UI control without utilizing code-behind.
KeyToCommand Allows you to bind a KeyGesture to a command.
LayoutTreeHelper static Provides utility methods for searching nodes in visual and logical trees.
MessageBoxService Allows you to show messages.