CustomSummaryEventArgs(Int32, Object, Object, Int32, CustomSummaryProcess, Object, Int32) Constructor

Creates a new CustomSummaryEventArgs object.

Namespace: DevExpress.Data

Assembly: DevExpress.Core.v18.2.dll


public CustomSummaryEventArgs(
    int controllerRow,
    object totalValue,
    object fieldValue,
    int groupRowHandle,
    CustomSummaryProcess summaryProcess,
    object item,
    int groupLevel
Public Sub New(
    controllerRow As Integer,
    totalValue As Object,
    fieldValue As Object,
    groupRowHandle As Integer,
    summaryProcess As CustomSummaryProcess,
    item As Object,
    groupLevel As Integer


Type Name Description
Int32 controllerRow

An integer value identifying the processed row by its handle. This value is assigned to the CustomSummaryEventArgs.RowHandle property.

Object totalValue

An object representing the custom calculated summary value. This value is assigned to the CustomSummaryEventArgs.TotalValue property.

Object fieldValue

An object representing the currently processed field value. This value is assigned to the CustomSummaryEventArgs.FieldValue property.

Int32 groupRowHandle

An integer value identifying the group row whose child data rows are involved in summary calculation. This value is assigned to the CustomSummaryEventArgs.GroupRowHandle property.

CustomSummaryProcess summaryProcess

A CustomSummaryProcess enumeration value identifying the current calculation stage. This value is assigned to the CustomSummaryEventArgs.SummaryProcess property.

Object item

An object representing the summary item whose value is being calculated. This value is assigned to the CustomSummaryEventArgs.Item property.

Int32 groupLevel

An integer value indicating the nested group level of the processed row. This value is assigned to the CustomSummaryEventArgs.GroupLevel property.

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