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TreeMapRangeColorizer Properties

A colorizer that allows you to provide colors based on which range the TreeMapItem.Value belongs to.
Name Description
CanFreeze Gets a value that indicates whether the object can be made unmodifiable. Inherited from Freezable.
DependencyObjectType Gets the DependencyObjectType that wraps the CLR type of this instance. Inherited from DependencyObject.
Dispatcher Gets the Dispatcher this DispatcherObject is associated with. Inherited from DispatcherObject.
GroupColor Gets or sets the color used to colorize groups.
IsFrozen Gets a value that indicates whether the object is currently modifiable. Inherited from Freezable.
IsSealed Gets a value that indicates whether this instance is currently sealed (read-only). Inherited from DependencyObject.
Owner Returns an object’s owner. Inherited from TreeMapDependencyObject.
Palette Gets or sets the palette used to color tree map items by the colorizer. Inherited from TreeMapPaletteColorizerBase.
RangeStops Gets range stops for the range colorizer.
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