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ReminderItem.AlertTime Property

Gets or sets the date and time for firing an alert.

Namespace: DevExpress.Xpf.Scheduling

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Scheduling.v19.1.dll


public DateTime AlertTime { get; set; }
Public Property AlertTime As Date

Property Value

Type Description

A DateTime object which specifies the reminder's alert time.


When the time specified by the AlertTime property arrives, the reminder is added to the SchedulerControl.TriggeredReminders collection, the SchedulerControl.RemindersWindowShowing event occurs and the Recurrence Window dialog is invoked.

Default value of the AlertTime property is calculated as follows:

ReminderItem.AlertTime = AppointmentItem.Start - ReminderItem.TimeBeforeStart.

However, you can set the AlertTime value explicitly in code. In this situation, the ReminderItem.TimeBeforeStart value remains unchanged and the formula does not apply.


The ReminderItem.AlertTime value determines when to fire an alert. The ReminderItem.TimeBeforeStart value is displayed and set in the Recurrence Window dialog.


// Remove previous reminders
// Set multiple reminders for an appointment
ReminderItem reminder1 = appointment.CreateNewReminder();
ReminderItem reminder2 = appointment.CreateNewReminder();
reminder1.AlertTime = DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(15);
reminder2.TimeBeforeStart = new TimeSpan(0, 30, 0);

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