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AppointmentEditViewModelBase Properties

A base class for View Models created for end-user appointment editing (window editor, in-place editor, drag and resize).
Name Description
Appointment Gets the edited appointment.
Description Gets or sets the text that is the appointment's description.
IsInDesignMode static Gets whether design-time mode is active. Inherited from ViewModelBase.
IsNewAppointment Gets whether the current appointment is new and not contained in the scheduler's appointment collection.
IsOccurrenceType Gets whether the appointment is an occurrence in a recurring series (of the Occurrence, ChangedOccurrence or DeletedOccurrence type).
Label Gets or sets the label object associated with the appointment.
Location Gets or sets the text that specifies the place where the appointment is scheduled.
Resource Gets or sets a resource associated with the appointment (the first resource in a resource collection if an appointment has several assigned resources).
Resources Gets a collection of all resources associated with the edited appointment.
Scheduler Gets the ShedulerControl used in the View Model.
Status Gets or sets the status object associated with the appointment.
Subject Gets or sets the text that is the appointment's subject.
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