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ShowSearchPanelMode Enum

Lists values that specify when the Search Panel is displayed.

Namespace: DevExpress.Xpf.Grid

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Grid.v20.2.Core.dll


public enum ShowSearchPanelMode
Public Enum ShowSearchPanelMode


Name Description

Never if the GridControl is bound to a virtual source; otherwise, HotKey.


Ctrl + F - Invokes the Search Panel. Ensure that no cell editor is opened before invoking the Search Panel. Otherwise, the shortcut will be intercepted by the in-place editor.

The Close button (if displayed) hides the Search Panel.

Esc - Clears the search box. If the search box is empty, pressing Esc closes the Search Panel.


The Search Panel is always visible, it cannot be hidden by an end-user. The close button is hidden.


The Search Panel is hidden and cannot be shown by the end-user.

Related API Members

The following properties accept/return ShowSearchPanelMode values:


The values listed by this enumeration are used to set the DataViewBase.ShowSearchPanelMode property's value.

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