PaneAnchorPoint.Pane Property

Specifies the pane to which the annotation is anchored.

Namespace: DevExpress.Xpf.Charts

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Charts.v20.1.dll


public object Pane { get; set; }
Public Property Pane As Object

Property Value

Type Description

A Pane object specifying the pane to which the annotation is anchored.


When the Annotation.AnchorPoint property is specified as PaneAnchorPoint, define a particular pane using the PaneAnchorPoint.Pane property. Use the PaneAnchorPoint.AxisXCoordinate and PaneAnchorPoint.AxisYCoordinate properties to configure the anchor point's x- and y-coordinates. Then, set the AxisCoordinate.Axis and AxisCoordinate.AxisValue properties for each axis coordinate.


To anchor an annotation to the required pane, specify the PaneAnchorPoint.Pane property. Then, define the axes and their values to specify the anchor point using the PaneAnchorPoint.AxisXCoordinate and PaneAnchorPoint.AxisYCoordinate properties.

    <dxc:PaneAnchorPoint Pane="{Binding ElementName=defaultPane}">
            <dxc:AxisXCoordinate Axis="{Binding ElementName=xAxis}" 
            <dxc:AxisYCoordinate Axis="{Binding ElementName=yAxis}" 
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