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The ListBoxEdit is a control that allows end-users to select items from a list. The ListBoxEdit control supports multiple operation modes.


The ListBoxEdit control offers the following features.

  • Multiple operation modes

    The ListBoxEdit control supports the following operation modes.

    • Simple item list
    • Checked list box
    • Radio button list box
  • Optional item highlighting

    Use the ListBoxEdit.AllowItemHighlighting property to control the highlighting behavior.

  • Multiple items selection

    Use the ListBoxEdit.SelectionMode property to switch between Multiple and Single selection modes.

  • Optimized for in-place editing

    ListBoxEdit can be used standalone or as an in-place editor nested in a container control. The ListBoxEditSettings class implements the in-place editing functionality. See In-place Editors to learn more.


Set the ListBoxEdit.ShowCustomItems property to false to avoid displaying the (Select All) custom item in the Checked List Box mode.

Standalone ListBoxEdit

To add a standalone ListBoxEdit to a Window, drag it from the Toolbox.

The following sample demonstrates how to create a ListBoxEdit using XAML markup.


In-place ListBoxEdit

To embed a ListBoxEdit into a container control, use the ListBoxEditSettings class.

The following sample demonstrates how to embed a ListBoxEdit into a GridControl column.

    <dxg:GridColumn Header="Dimensions">
                        <WrapPanel Height="60" Orientation="Vertical" />
                    <dxe:RadioListBoxEditStyleSettings />
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