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Product Class Structure

The following table lists classes that represent the main elements in the WPF GridControl.

Class Description
GridControl The Data Grid control.
DataViewBase Serves as a base for classes that represent Views.
GridViewBase Serves as the base for objects representing Table and Card views in a grid control.
TableView A View that displays data in a tabular form.
CardView Represents a View that displays data using cards.
TreeListView A View that displays information in a tree hierarchical structure.
GridColumn The grid column.
TreeListNode A node displayed within a TreeListView.

Views Hierarchy

The DXGrid uses a view to display data from a bound data source. The image below shows the hierarchy of classes that represent views:


  • DataViewBase and GridDataViewBase

    Provide the basic functionality common to all types of view.

  • GridViewBase

    Serves as a base for classes that represent Table and Card views. This class provides the basic functionality common to these types of view.

  • TableView

    Represents data in a tabular form. To learn more, see Table View.

  • CardView

    Represents data as cards. To learn more, see Card View.

  • TreeListView

    Displays information in a Tree-Grid hybrid - in either data bound or unbound mode.