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Automatic Filter Row

A user can type text in the automatic filter row to apply a filter condition to data.

Set the ColumnBase.ShowCriteriaInAutoFilterRow property to true to enable the filter criteria selector. The filter criteria selector allows users to choose filter criteria from the drop-down list.



The table below lists the main properties that affect elements’ behavior and appearance.

Characteristics Members
Visibility TableView.ShowAutoFilterRow
Availability and Behavior ColumnBase.AllowAutoFilter, ColumnBase.ImmediateUpdateAutoFilter, DataViewBase.FilterRowDelay
Criteria Selector Availability ColumnBase.ShowCriteriaInAutoFilterRow, TableView.ShowCriteriaInAutoFilterRow, TreeListView.ShowCriteriaInAutoFilterRow
Conditions and Criteria ColumnBase.AutoFilterCondition, ColumnBase.AutoFilterCriteria
Row Data ColumnBase.AutoFilterValue
Template ColumnBase.AutoFilterRowDisplayTemplate, ColumnBase.AutoFilterRowEditTemplate

The EditSettings property affects the Automatic Filter Row. Specify the CellTemplate to assign a different editor for data cells:

 <dxg:GridColumn FieldName="Date">
    <!-- Automatic Filter Row uses TextEdit -->
    <!-- Data cells use DateEdit -->
            <dxe:DateEdit x:Name="PART_Editor"/>
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