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Filter Panel

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The Filter Panel is automatically shown at the bottom of the View, after a filter has been applied. Removing the filter hides this panel. The Filter Panel displays a string which represents the current filter criteria, and contains buttons to disable/enable and clear the filter. To make this panel always visible or always hidden, use the DataViewBase.ShowFilterPanelMode property.

The Filter Panel displays the following elements:

  • Filter Expression

    Column filters are combined by the And operator into a single filter expression which is applied to a View. The filter string can be considered to be the WHERE clause of a SQL SELECT statement. To obtain the filter string applied to a View, use the DataControlBase.FilterString property.

  • Enable/Disable Filter

    End-users can use this check box to enable/disable the current filter.

    You can enable/disable the current filter in code by setting the DataControlBase.IsFilterEnabled property .

  • Edit Filter

    Invokes the Filter Editor.

    The Edit Filter button is hidden if the GridControl is bound to a virtual source. Set the DataViewBase.AllowFilterEditor property to true to show this button.

  • Clear Filter

    Clears the current filter.


The table below lists the main properties affecting element behavior and appearance:






DataViewBase.FilterPanelText, DataViewBase.ShowEditFilterButton


The text displayed within the Filter Panel, is returned by the DataViewBase.FilterPanelText property. To provide your own text that describes the grid's filter, handle the DataViewBase.CustomFilterDisplayText event.