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Smart Tag Overview

Smart Tags are design-time extensions that allow you to quickly set values or bind the most important control properties. Smart Tags help you perform repetitive actions, for example, assign icons, define services and behaviors for a control. This feature is provided for all standard components and extended for most DevExpress WPF Controls.

Access a Smart Tag

To access the Smart Tag panel, select a control and click the Smart Tag icon SmartTagButton at the top-right corner of the control.


If you cannot select an element by clicking it in a Visual Studio Designer, use the Document Outline Window instead.


Smart Tag Contents


The Smart Tag panel includes two main areas: Title and Properties.

The Title area contains the following elements:

  • Caption displays the type of selected controls. For DevExpress components, you can click the caption to open the corresponding topic in the online documentation.
  • The SmartTagSpannerButton tab shows the selected element’s properties. This tab is selected by default.
  • The SmartTagCogWheelButton tab opens the MVVM settings tab that allows you to attach Services and Behaviors to the selected control.

The Properties area contains a list of the most important properties of the selected control.

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