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Ribbon Menu

Ribbon is a modern user interface element for interacting and accessing the functionality of modern apps, such as Microsoft Office. Typically, a Ribbon displays a large button at its top left corner. This is an Application Button that invokes the main Ribbon menu. Over the years, Ribbons provided different visualization and functionality for their main menus, as well as other visual elements. With the DevExpress Ribbon Control, you can easily emulate them all.

  • Application Button

    A button that invokes the main application menu. By default, this button sits at the top left corner of the Ribbon Control.

  • Backstage View

    Emulates a menu seen in Microsoft Office products starting with Office 2010. Contains a main region that hosts regular commands and tabs, and a content region that displays the contents of the currently selected main region tab.

  • Application Menu

    An older version of a Ribbon main menu, seen in Microsoft products prior to Office 2010.