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The following document describes what a scale is, what kinds of scales are present in the DXGauges Suite and also how scales can be used.

A Scale is a key element of a Gauge control. It displays static items as labels, tickmarks, ranges and other elements that visually represent a Gauge control and its appearance; and also contains dynamic gauge elements used to indicate current values of a variable data (so-called Value Indicators).

The DXGauges Suite provides two types of scales, each compatible with its specific Gauge control.

A single Gauge control can have multiple scales at the same time. To define how these scales are positioned in respect to each other, use the AnalogGaugeControl.ScalePanelTemplate property.

Circular gauge with multiple scales

For real-life examples on how this can be done, see How to: Show Two Circular Scales Side-by-Side and How to: Place One Circular Scale into Another tutorials.