Record Tests

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The Visual Test Recorder allows you to create tests without writing code. It records your actions as you interact with the webpage in the browser and generates a test.

Visual Test Recorder Animation

Start Recording

Record a New Test

Do any of the following:

  • Enter the tested website's URL and click Start recording a test Start recording a test on the Welcome page.

    Start Recording From the Welcome Page

    This creates a new fixture in the root directory.

  • Select a fixture in the Explorer panel and click Start recording a test Record a New Test.

    Start Recording From the Explorer Panel

  • Open the Fixture Editor and click Start recording a test Record a new test on the toolbar.

    Start Recording From the Fixture Editor

Record New Actions in an Existing Test

Click Start recording a test Record test actions on the Test Editor's toolbar to record new actions.

Record New Actions to a Test

TestCafe Studio replays the existing steps. Playback stops after the last action (the after each hook is not executed). If the test fails, the playback ends after the last successful action.

New actions are appended at the end of the test.

During Recording

After you click the Start recording a test Record button, TestCafe Studio launches the browser and starts recording your activity on the tested page.

You can do the following during test recording:

  • Interact with the web page (click and drag elements, press keys, etc.). TestCafe Studio records your actions and adds them to the test.

  • Add actions from the Actions panel to the test.

    You can use an element picker to select a target element on the tested page when you add an on-page action or assertion. To do this, click the Element picker button in the action parameters' area and click an element on the page.

    When you create an assertion, you can also choose a property from the auto-generated property list. See Assertion Parameters.

  • View and modify action parameters, re-order and delete actions.

Stop Recording

Close the browser or click Stop recording button on the Test Editor's toolbar to stop recording.

Select a Browser

You can record tests in local browsers. TestCafe detects browsers on the local computer and adds them to the Record Browser drop-down menu. To change the browser in which tests are recorded, select it from the list.

Browser Menu