TestCafe Studio


This documentation describes TestCafe Studio, a new IDE for cross-platform end-to-end web testing. If you are looking for the legacy TestCafe v2015.1 documentation, please refer to this link.

TestCafe Studio is a cross-platform IDE for end-to-end web testing that does not require WebDriver or other tools. It works on Windows, MacOS, and Linux, and in every popular browser.

TestCafe Studio has the following features:

  • You can create, edit and maintain end-to-end tests in a visual recorder without writing code. See Record Tests.

  • Produces element selectors to identify webpage elements. These selectors are generated automatically during test recording.

  • Provides an assertions set that allows you to perform verifications.

  • Created tests can be run on desktop browsers (with or without a user interface) and mobile browsers. See Select a Run Configuration.

  • Includes a built-in waiting mechanism that automatically checks that page elements are loaded during the test run. You do not need to add timeouts manually.

  • Generates a report with overall results and details for each test after completion.

  • Contains a powerful Code Editor with syntax highlight, code completion and parameter hints. You can write code from scratch, or convert recorded tests to JavaScript to edit them later.