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Add Filter Elements

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This tutorial illustrates how to use special filter elements to apply filtering to dashboard items.

Use Filter Elements

You can filter dashboard items using the following elements under the Filter toolbox section:

  • The Combo Box item allows you to select one or more values from the drop-down list.
  • The List Box item allows you to select one or more values from the list.
  • The Tree View item displays values in a hierarchical way and allows you to expand/collapse nodes.

Drag and drop the List Box item from the toolbox onto the dashboard surface.


Select the added item and invoke its Bindings menu. Here click the Add Dimension placeholder and select the Country data field to provide filter values.


The list box displays check boxes by default, which allows you to select multiple values at a time. Invoke the item’s Options menu and set the Type property to Radio to enable selecting only a single value in the radio group.


You can also disable the Show ‘All’ Value option to hide the All item that is intended to select/deselect all items in the list box.

The Ignore Master Filters option should be disabled for items to be affected by the filter elements.


Select a country in the list box to filter other dashboard items based on this value as demonstrated below for the grid item.


Add a Range Filter

Add the Range Filter item from the toolbox to the bottom of the dashboard. This item displays a chart with selection thumbs that allow you to filter values located along the argument axis.


Invoke the item’s Bindings menu and provide the following data:

  • Click Add Value and select the ExtendedPrice data field to calculate the Y-coordinates of data points. The Range Filter supports various Line, Area and Bar series types available in the Type menu section. Leave the Line type for this tutorial.
  • Click Set Argument and select the OrderDate data field. This field provides values displayed along the Range Filter’s horizontal axis. Set the Group Interval option to Month-Year.
  • Click Add Series and select the Country data field to use it for creating chart series.


Move the Range Filter’s selection thumbs to apply filtering to other dashboard items.


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