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Console Application

Use the following syntax to run the Project Converter as a console application from the installation directory:

cd C:\Program Files (x86)\DevExpress 20.2\Components\Tools\Components 
ProjectConverter-console.exe <drive:yourProjectPath> [options]

If the conversion is successful, ProjectConverter-console.exe returns 0 as an exit code. It returns 1 if there were warnings, and -1 in case of an error.

Command Line Options

Displays a help page.
Specifies the single path that contains the project(s) to upgrade.
Specifies the path to the file that contains a list of folders to upgrade. The file should be a plain text file with one folder path per line.
Skips subdirectories and upgrades only files in the specified directory.
Skips read-only files.
Removes hint paths (default behavior). Choose this option if project assemblies are loaded from the installation directory.
Updates hint paths. Choose this option if project assemblies are loaded from a custom directory.
Does not create backup files.
Disables skipped file notifications.
Disables warning notifications.
Disables error notifications.
Allows you to specify your public key token if you purchased the DevExpress assemblies’ source code and compiled your version with a custom public key token.
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