.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Standard 2.0+
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SpreadsheetCellEventArgsBase Class

Serves as the base for classes which provide data for the events which occur on changing cell values via the SpreadsheetControl UI.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraSpreadsheet

Assembly: DevExpress.Spreadsheet.v19.1.Core.dll


public abstract class SpreadsheetCellEventArgsBase :


The SpreadsheetControl class provides events that occur before (SpreadsheetControl.CellBeginEdit, SpreadsheetControl.CellEndEdit and SpreadsheetControl.CellCancelEdit) and after a cell value has been changed (SpreadsheetControl.CellValueChanged) by an end-user via the cell editor (the cell in-place editor or formula bar).

The SpreadsheetCellEventArgsBase class is the base for arguments of these events. It introduces properties to access a cell for which an event is fired or this cell location (SpreadsheetCellEventArgsBase.Cell, SpreadsheetCellEventArgsBase.RowIndex, SpreadsheetCellEventArgsBase.ColumnIndex, SpreadsheetCellEventArgsBase.Worksheet and SpreadsheetCellEventArgsBase.SheetName), and properties to access a value and formula currently contained in this cell (SpreadsheetCellEventArgsBase.Value, SpreadsheetCellEventArgsBase.Formula and SpreadsheetCellEventArgsBase.FormulaInvariant).

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