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WorksheetCollection Interface

A collection of worksheets contained in a workbook.

Namespace: DevExpress.Spreadsheet

Assembly: DevExpress.Spreadsheet.v18.2.Core.dll


public interface WorksheetCollection :
Public Interface WorksheetCollection
    Inherits ISimpleCollection(Of Worksheet),
             IEnumerable(Of Worksheet),

Related API Members

The following members accept/return WorksheetCollection objects:


The WorksheetCollection object stores worksheets of the workbook (a workbook always contains at least one worksheet). Use the IWorkbook.Worksheets property to access this object. The WorksheetCollection.Item property enables you to get an individual worksheet by its name or index in the collection.

To add a new worksheet to the workbook, use the WorksheetCollection.Add or WorksheetCollection.Insert method. To remove a worksheet from the workbook, use the WorksheetCollection.Remove or WorksheetCollection.RemoveAt method.

For details on how to manage worksheets in a workbook, refer to the Worksheets section of examples.


This example demonstrates how to access worksheets in a workbook. Use the IWorkbook.Worksheets property to get a collection of worksheets contained in a workbook (the WorksheetCollection object).

To get an individual worksheet by its index or name, use the WorksheetCollection.Item property.

using DevExpress.Spreadsheet;
// ...

IWorkbook workbook = spreadsheetControl1.Document;

// Access a collection of worksheets.
WorksheetCollection worksheets = workbook.Worksheets;

// Access a worksheet by its index.
Worksheet worksheet1 = workbook.Worksheets[0];

// Access a worksheet by its name.
Worksheet worksheet2 = workbook.Worksheets["Sheet2"];
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