.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Standard 2.0+
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DocumentOptions Properties

Provides access to workbook options.
Name Description
CalculationEngineType Gets or sets the parameter that specifies the computational model used in worksheet calculations.
CalculationMode Gets or sets the calculation mode that specifies when to calculate formulas in a Workbook or Spreadsheet control.
Cells Provides access to the options that can be specified for worksheet cells.
Clipboard Provides access to options for clipboard operations.
Compatibility Provides access to options designed to ensure compatibility with previous Spreadsheet versions.
Copy Provides access to options that allow you to control copy operations.
Culture Provides access to the culture-specific settings of the spreadsheet.
DataSourceLoading Provides access to options for loading a data source in mail merge operations.
DocumentCapabilities Provides access to an object used to specify document restrictions.
Events Provides access to options used to specify how certain events are raised for the workbook.
Export Provides access to options used to export a workbook to different formats.
Import Provides access to options used to import workbooks in different formats.
Print Provides access to print options for a workbook.
Protection Provides access to options specifying the encryption parameters for the password protected workbook.
RealTimeData Provides access to options for real-time data (RTD) function calculation.
Save Provides access to the workbook save options.
ZoomMode Gets or sets a zoom mode for all worksheets in the document.
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