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Hyperlinks and Bookmarks

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This topic consists of the following sections:

The following members allow you to create a Hyperlink in code:

Member Description
SubDocument.FindAll Searches for every range that contains the given text string.
HyperlinkCollection.Create Creates a new item in the HyperlinkCollection.
Hyperlink.NavigateUri Specifies the URI for the hyperlink to navigate to.
DocumentHyperlink.ToolTip Specifies a tooltip - a text displayed when the mouse hovers over a hyperlink.

The code snippet below finds a specific range in the document and converts it to a hyperlink with a given URI and a tooltip:


Document document = richEditControl1.Document;

//Find the specific text string in a document
DocumentRange[] foundRanges = document.FindAll("DevExpress WinForms Rich Text Editor",
if (foundRanges.Length > 0)
    //Create a hyperlink from a found range

    //Set the URI and the tooltip for the created hyperlink
    document.Hyperlinks[0].NavigateUri = "";
    document.Hyperlinks[0].ToolTip = "WinForms Rich Text Editor";

Use the HyperlinkOptions class properties to complete the following tasks:

The code snippet below shows how to specify these properties in code:

hyperlinkOptions = richEditControl1.Options.Hyperlinks;

hyperlinkOptions.EnableUriCorrection = false;
hyperlinkOptions.ModifierKeys = Keys.Shift;
hyperlinkOptions.ShowToolTip = true;


The HYPERLINK field represents hyperlinks in the RichEditDocumentServer, therefore the DocumentCapabilitiesOptions.Fields property affects the hyperlink loading process when importing the document. Set the RichEditControlCompatibility.LoadHyperlinkAsField property to false before calling the InitializeComponent method to correct this behavior and allow loading hyperlinks when loading fields are disabled.


Create a Bookmark

The following code snippet creates a Bookmark and a hyperlink which navigates to the created bookmark using API from the table below:

Member Description
SubDocument.BeginUpdate Enables document modification.
BookmarkCollection.Create Creates a bookmark at the given document position.
DocumentHyperlink.Anchor Connects a bookmark with a specific hyperlink.
SubDocument.EndUpdate Finalizes the document update.
Document document = richEditControl1.Document;
DocumentPosition pos = document.Range.Start;

//Create a bookmark to a given position
document.Bookmarks.Create(document.CreateRange(pos, 1), "Top");

//Insert the hyperlink anchored to the created bookmark:
DocumentRange[] foundRanges = document.FindAll("To the Top", SearchOptions.CaseSensitive);
if (foundRanges.Length > 0)
    document.Hyperlinks[1].Anchor = "Top";

The animation below shows the result:



If a new bookmark name duplicates the existing one, an InvalidOperationException exception is thrown with the message obtained from the XtraRichEditStringId.Msg_DuplicateBookmark resource string that reads “Bookmark with that name already exists in the document”. Use the BookmarkOptions.ConflictNameResolution property to programmatically process bookmarks with duplicate names which may appear in your document.

Visualize the Bookmark

Use the following properties to highlight bookmarks within the document:

With these properties specified, the bookmarks are displayed the following way:


Export Bookmarks to the PDF format

You can specify what bookmarks can be displayed in the Bookmarks panel when you export the document to PDF format. Set the BookmarkOptions.DisplayBookmarksInPdfNavigationPane property to one of the DevExpress.XtraRichEdit.PdfBookmarkDisplayMode enumeration values, as shown below:

richEditDocumentServer.Options.Bookmarks.DisplayBookmarksInPdfNavigationPane = PdfBookmarkDisplayMode.TocBookmarks;

Use the BookmarkOptions.DisplayUnreferencedPdfBookmarks property to determine whether to show bookmarks without references (i.e., without hyperlinks anchored to these bookmarks) in the Bookmarks navigation pane. The DisplayBookmarksInPdfNavigationPane property set PdfBookmarkDisplayMode.None controls the unreferenced bookmarks when the DisplayUnreferencedPdfBookmarks property is set to true.