DXSeries Class

The base class for all series which a Cartesian chart can display.


@interface DXSeries: DXSeriesBase




DXSeries.data Property

Gets or sets the Cartesian series's data.


@property (readwrite, nullable) NSObject<DXSeriesData> *data

Property Value

Type Description
NSObject<DXSeriesData> *

An object that provides data points for a series.

Note that data provider of a series should be compatible with DXChart.axisX. Otherwise the chart do not draw the series.

The following table represents compatible data and axis types:

Data type Axis X type
DXQualitativeSeriesData DXQualitativeAxisX
DXWeightedQualitativeSeriesData DXQualitativeAxisX
DXNumericSeriesData DXNumericAxisX
DXWeightedNumericSeriesData DXNumericAxisX
DXDateTimeSeriesData DXDateTimeAxisX
DXWeightedDateTimeSeriesData DXDateTimeAxisX
DXFinancialSeriesData DXDateTimeAxisX

DXSeries.hintOptions Property

Gets or sets the series's hint options.


@property (readwrite, nullable) DXSeriesHintOptions *hintOptions

Property Value

Type Description
DXSeriesHintOptions *

The DXSeriesHintOptions object that stores series hint options.

These options configure how a hint interacts with a descendant class object.