DXRangeBase Class

The base class for all ranges in the Charts for iOS suite.


@interface DXRangeBase


DXRangeBase.sideMarginValue Property

Gets or sets the axis side margin, in axis units.


@property (readwrite) CGFloat sideMarginValue

Property Value

Type Description

The axis' side margin, in axis units.

For the qualitative range, the one axis unit is the distance between two qualitative axis values.

For the date-time range, the DXDateTimeAxisX.measureUnit property specifies axis units.

Instance Methods

DXRangeBase.reset Instance Method

Sets an axis range's min and max value to minimum and maximum values of a data range.


- (void)reset

Note that the visual range is modified to be within a new axis range.

DXRangeBase.resetVisualRange Instance Method

Sets a range's visualMin to min value and visualMax to max value.


- (void)resetVisualRange