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DevExpress.Maui.Navigation Namespace

Contains classes that implement the functionality of navigation controls.

Assembly: DevExpress.Maui.Navigation.dll


Name Description
DrawerPage A page that can show / hide a drawer panel with the application’s main navigation menu and information a user may require (for example, account information).
DrawerPageHandler A .NET MAUI handler for the DrawerPage control.
DrawerView A view with a side panel that can be always visible or shown/hidden on a user request.
DrawerViewHandler A .NET MAUI handler for the DrawerView control.
TabItem The base class for the TabViewItem and TabPageItem classes.
TabPage A page that allows tab navigation through a collection of pages.
TabPageHandler A .NET MAUI handler for the TabPage control.
TabPageItem Stores the TabPage item’s header settings and content.
TabView A view that organizes content into groups at the same hierarchy level and allows tab navigation between them.
TabViewHandler A .NET MAUI handler for the TabView control.
TabViewItem Stores the TabView item’s header settings and content.


Name Description
TabHeaderLength The header panel’s length that supports the the automatically calculated size.
TabItemLength The item length that supports the automatically calculated size, and size measured as a weighted proportion of the available space.


Name Description
ItemHeaderTappedEventHandler A method that will handle the TabPage.ItemHeaderTapped and TabView.ItemHeaderTapped events.


Name Description
ContentAlignment Lists values that indicate item headers’ alignment in the header panel.
DrawerBehavior Lists values that specify how the drawer behaves on opening / closing.
HeaderElements Lists the combination of elements the item header shows.
ItemHeaderPlacement Lists values that specify how the TabView and TabPage position the selected tab item header.
Position Lists values that specify an element position in its container.
TabHeaderUnitType Lists types of values that TabHeaderLength stores.
TabItemLengthUnitType Lists types of values that TabItemLength stores.