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Drawer View for .NET MAUI

The DevExpress Drawer View for .NET MAUI (DrawerView) is a view with a built-in drawer – a pane that slides out from the edge of the view. This control allows you to implement the navigation menu or any other UI. For example, you can use the drawer to provide access to your application’s settings, switch user accounts, display the application’s logo and title, and so on.

The drawer can be always visible, or it can appear when a user taps a navigation menu icon or swipes a finger from the edge of the view. You can anchor the drawer to any side of the view (left, right, top, or bottom).

MAUI Drawer View

Refer to the Get Started document for information on how to add a DrawerView to your application, and configure its appearance and behavior.

View Example: Get Started with Drawer View for .NET MAUI